New LG Driver Updates
PRODUCT: LG Hardware
UPDATE: LG Drivers
Use Driver Detective For All LG Drivers Update.
Ensure You get the Correct Drivers For Your LG System by Downloading Drivers Detective Today! Faulty Drivers may cause your LG to Crash and Become Unresponsive.
Use Driver Detective For Your LG Driver Updates
Updates all LG products with access to our database of over 1,000,000 drivers
Updates Drivers Specific to Your PC Configuration
Automatically Locates and Repairs PC Drivers Conflicts
Instant One-Click Driver Install & Fix
Effectively Diagnose "Unknown" Errors and Advanced Fixes
Complete Driver Backup & Restores the System
Regular Live Driver Updates!
Free 24/7 Technical Support
Why Should You Update Your LG Drivers?
Are you having problems with your computer hardware? It is extremely important to have updated LG drivers to ensure it works. It can be extremely frustrating trying to find drivers for LG product.

To get 100% out of your computer hardware, the best choice is to get drivers from the hardware manufacturer to ensure there are no compatibility issues. Get drivers written by LG.

As such, LG will release new drivers every few months for your PC. Having old drivers can slow your computer down significantly and using your computer may turn into a frustrating experience.

Hence, timely and accurate driver updates are essential to the computing experience. For many of us, it's a time consuming process and we may not be technically aware which are the correct drivers to install. Fortunately, Driver Detective is able to automatically detect driver updates specific to your PC and install them within minutes. Download Driver Detective Today!

Start Your Free Scan
Driver Detective will scan your computer to check if any of your drivers need to be updated. The Scan will usually take 2-3 minutes maximum & show the no. of drivers which need to be updated.

Completed Scan
Once the scan is complete, Driver Detective will prompt you to update all the drivers which arent the latest versions. Outdated Drivers can cause your hardware to malfunction.

Problems with Unofficial Drivers
Whichever brand of computers you use; Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Acer, Compaq, Gateway etc, Driver Detective ONLY recommends OFFICIAL drivers for your computer brand to ensure your computer does not crash
Drivers Finish Updating
Once you have finished updating your computer drivers, all your hardware problems should be resolved and you just need to restart your computer before you return to your normal tasks.

Awards Won Include:


I just bought a new PC and installed my old devices. I spent hours trying to find the latest PC driver until I chance upon Driver Detective. It found the latest PC driver within seconds and I downloaded and installed it without any trouble. Everything is running like new again!
-Kimberly K.

"Driver Detective has enhanced my PC speed has increased speed ...optimised performance...i was constantly frustrated by the lengthy process of day to day surfing...but within seconds of installing Driver Detective, the change was amazing well spent... simply the best.."
-Mike G.

"Amazing! It only took a few seconds for Driver Detective to find 24 outdated drivers. The automated process was really simple and idiot-proof. Thanks for the excellent product!"
-Ben T.

"Even for a computer idiot like me, I found this product extremely easy to use. I updated 14 drivers in minutes only. Simply amazing!
-Morgan R.
La Crosse, WI


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